Triple days above 95, double above 100

thermometer by psd
Those dog days of August: 3 times the heat by 2050?:
[Via Eureka! Science News – Popular science news]

If you are wilting under the summer heat, consider this: your child may one day think of summer 2009 as “back in the cool old days.” To illustrate expected increases in extreme summer heat, scientists at Climate Central have analyzed climate change projections made with global climate models.


August looks to be a killer month by 2050. Modeling indicates that the average number of days in August above 95 will increase threefold and above 100 will increase twofold.

These temperatures can be killers in areas not built for them (i.e. large numbers of air conditioned hoses). During an August heatwave in France in 2003, over 14,000 people died. In places where normally there are 100 or so heat-related deaths these temperatures could increase that several fold, to 400 or 500.

Hotter temps will require more energy use to keep us alive. It is already very expensive to keep cool in places like Houston. What happens when a much larger proportion of the United States and Canada needs central Air?

With decreasing fossil fuels we will desperately need new ways to power our lifestyles. And still keep greenhouse gas emissions low. Quite a conundrum.

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