Organic computers

DNA ‘organises itself’ on silicon:
[Via BBC News | Science/Nature | World Edition]

Researchers have shown that engineered, self-organising DNA chunks could be used to build smaller, faster computers.


This is essentially using DNA strands to carry electronic currents instead of wires. I would imagine that computer design would be smaller but essentially the same, just with much smaller wires.

I wonder about the stability of these DNA wires. How will they maintain sterility so that bacteria do not decide to ‘eat’ the wires? Copper is pretty stable, and does not get eaten. DNA wires could.

ALso, what about heat? Components that close can generate a lot of energy, which is usually dissipated but is why laptops can get so warm. CPUs reach temperatures greater than 50 °C all the time. Heat degrades DNA. Normally if you cool down a hot computer, it will return to normal. That is, the ‘wires’ are most likely intact.. Would the same be true for DNA ‘wires’?

And just think about the damage someone could do with a solution of DNAse, an enzyme that degrades DNA.

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