What does Earth look like without water?

What does Earth look like without water?:
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While we often think of features like the Grand Canyon as impressive, majestic landscapes, we forget that only 1/3 of this planet of ours is above sea level. The rest is underwater. And while many of us may know what coral reefs or near-shore habiatats look like, we rarely get to see what the seabed looks like on a grander scale. National Geographic, as it turns out, decided that the hidden landscape of the ocean floor needed to be revealed.

Thanks to cutting edge technology and amazing CGI animation, this Sunday, Aug 9th at 9 PM EST, National Geographic Channel is airing its newest spectacle, Drain The Ocean.


I saw an ad for this on TV tonight. I’m planning on using the DVR for this. It looks like a lot of fun. Now if they also had dinosaurs running around it would be perfect.

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2 thoughts on “What does Earth look like without water?

  1. Uh, about a reply to your photo essay about Earth w/o water: if you dont have water, you cant have amobas, let allone dinsosaurs.

    from a quote from HS Spanih study course i took; “Sin agua, no vivir.” Rocket science..

    1. The TV show was a depiction of what the features of the ocean bottoms would look like if there was no water. It was simply a thought experiment done with computer graphics. Mainly it looks cool.

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