Why the MSM is losing the battle

The unbearable lightness of being Emily Heffter’s source:
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She seemed nice enough, so at first I felt kinda sorry for Emily Heffter when the Seattle Times overtasked her with covering local politics. Then I got angry as her sloppy, irresponsible reporting in the race for WA-08 potentially cost Darcy Burner the election. (Yes, Darcy did indeed graduate from Harvard with a degree in Computer Science and Economics, Heffter’s refusal to understand how Harvard grants degrees notwithstanding.)

Now I’m just wondering why Heffter still has a job at all?

The information in this article, originally published June 24, 2009, was corrected July 31, 2009. The person Heffter interviewed by telephone, and who initiated the contact, was in fact Edward Seeto of Seattle. A previous version of the story referred to the source as Carl Hoeflick, owner of a Duwamish-area manufacturing company called Katskill Engineering. After an inquiry from a reporter from The Stranger newspaper who was trying to reach Hoeflick, Times editors determined that neither that person nor his business exists.

I suppose there could be extenuating circumstances, but for a journalist, isn’t this a fireable offense? I mean, either she didn’t check out her source, or she just made stuff up. Or a little of both. But regardless of motive or intent, either way she once again allowed a complete fabrication to influence public opinion in the midst of a contentious policy debate and election campaign.


So, a reporter, who has shown a penchant for manipulation of facts, is caught leading an article on unfair taxes with a quote from a totally non-existant person who runs a non-existant company. It was all made up, either by her or by her sole source. Either way indicates someone who does not know how to do their job. How does this person still have a job?

I guess because actually having credible reporting is no longer a necessary part of the MSM. It is all about entertainment and selling ads, not informing the public. So people are going to where they can get good reporting, leaving outlets like the Seattle Times behind. I know I have.

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