Weird Internet today

The internet has not been it reliable self recently. I was without Internet service on Friday due to a fire in a datacenter in downtown Seattle. Of course, trying to find out what was going on WITHOUT internet service was quite a chore.

I mean first I had to check my system, since the Verison modem was all green, indicating that it was connected fine. Everything checked out fine on my end.

I tried accessing Verizon via my iPhone. That worked but there was nothing at the Verizon site to explain the service outage, not even at the page called System Service.

So, after digging out an old bill, I found a number for the DSL service. After a fun phone tree, I got a recorded message that service in my area code was out and was expected back online in a few hours.

Which it was, saving me the worry of a July 4th weekend without internet.

Then today, accessing pages using several different browsers was really slow. Some sites would load fine (such as Amazon). Others would load very slowly or timeout before they were loaded. But email worked just fine. And my newsreader (NewsNetWire) was able to get the news feeds from sites that I could not get to directly from my browser!

I figured that perhaps email, using a different protocol, might be able to access the 4 different mail servers I use for different accounts but doesn’t the newsreader was using the same HTTP protocol that the browsers do. Well I’m self-educated so I might be missing something. (I tried playing around with changing DNS servers in case Verizon’s had been hosed but this did not help).

I was able to get Goggle News and see that there were a lot of government servers under a DDOS attack so I made the leap that that might be having some effect. Call it Internet magic.

So, with no real explanation, things have returned to normal. But I hate not knowing why.

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  1. Out of maybe 100,000 families, yours is the only one that all of its members always want to know “why” about everything and anything. Most people have no interest and, therefore, nothing changes.

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