Somedays I really love Seattle’s weather

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Another day, another record. The temperature at Bush Intercontinental Airport hit 103° today, making it seven 100° days in a row. That ties a June record for consecutive 100° days, set in 1902. By my rough calculations, through today, this…

The high near my house today in Woodinville was 62.8°. Forty degrees different! I had forgotten just how hot it can get in Houston but 7 days in a row? That means that August could be really tough.

At least it was a dry heat, with the humidity about 35% when the temperatures were over 100. We were down to about 20% during the hottest part of our days.

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One thought on “Somedays I really love Seattle’s weather

  1. Have you no sympathy for your poor family and other relatives who are still “living” in Houston? Not sure how much longer we can afford a/c.

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