Not trusting Big Business

Trust science on global warming but not genetic engineering?:
[Via SciGuy]

The current issue of Seed magazine has a thoughtful article the delves in the views of environmentalists toward climate and genetically modified foods. Here’s the crux of the article, in which the opposition of Europeans to GM foods is characterized:…

The plant scientists are not really bewildered. They generally have the same answer I do – Environmentalists accept the science of global warming and not of GMO because, to a large extent, the same enemy is responsible for both. That enemy is Big Business, whether Big Oil or Big Agra. Heck many of these same people do not like vaccinations or take homeopathic medicines because of their distrust of Big Pharma.

And in some ways, they have a reason to. Big Business has not shown itself very sympathetic to the same issues that environmentalists do. Monsanto wants to force farmers to buy their seed, not make the environment a better place. Profits do not often mesh well with idealism.

Unfortunately, the stories against Big Business are easier to tell and understand than those for Big Business.

The problem GMO has, which is also seen with many drugs, is that the companies and their scientists are not trusted sources of information for many people. So even when their science is right, they have large hurdles to overcome.

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