Can any review of n Elsevier now be trusted?

What’s With Those People at Elsevier, Anyway?:
[Via In the Pipeline]

Via a reader comes this article, which takes us to Elsevier’s hard-hitting textbook publishing operation. The co-authors of a psychology text for the publisher were recently taken aback to get this e-mail from a publicist at the company: “”Congratulations and…


This has the same corrosive that payola did in radio. How can anything be trusted? If Elsevier was paying for reviews of textbooks, something it says is not outside the norm in publishing. than most likely every review online is just a paid ad from someone getting a $25 gift certificate. I wonder if we can do some checking of the reviews of Elsevier books at Amazon and figure out who was on the payroll.

Man, even if I liked one of their books, I would not leave a review now. Someone might think I was doing it just for the money. There is a word for someone who uses one’s talents for an unworthy or corrupt purpose.

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