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The Value of Consistent Science Education Standards:
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Houston Chronicle Commentary Urges Support for Consistent Science Education Standards

“Voluntary, nationwide education standards in science, along with reading and math, are the next logical step” toward improving K-12 education in America, according to commentary published 10 June 2009 in the Houston Chronicle.

Read “Adopt National Standards to Help Children Compete” by Alan I. Leshner and Jo Ellen Roseman in the Houston Chronicle

The op-ed article, co-authored by AAAS CEO Alan I. Leshner, executive publisher of Science, and Jo Ellen Roseman, director of Project 2061, the AAAS science-literacy initiative, urges Texas, Alaska, Missouri, and South Carolina to join the push for consistent learning goals for all children nationwide.


I would like hear why science should not be included in these standards along with math and reading. Science is simply an attempt to understand the world around it.It penetrates everything we do, fro taking in a breath, to walking and even forming sounds.

Reading is required to understand what we write, the data that informs our lives. Math is needed to help support the constructs of our society, from balancing a checkbook to building a structure.

But without science we would not have a real understanding of any of those things. Understanding the world around us is, at base, the thing that makes us so different from other animals. It has permitted us to tame animals and develop agriculture so we no longer need to search our food. It permitted us to tame the wilderness and build our cities.

And it has brought us to the levels where we can actually affect the world’s climate. It will be necessary for finding the solutions to this problem.

Yet we do not have a plan for teaching our children about science.

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