Cherries for health

cherries by lepiaf.geo
Is cherry juice a new ‘sports drink?’:
[Via EurekAlert! – Medicine and Health]

(Weber Shandwick Worldwide) Drinking cherry juice could help ease the pain for people who run, according to new research from Oregon Health and Science University presented at the American College of Sports Medicine Conference in Seattle, Wash. The study showed people who drank tart cherry juice while training for a long distance run reported significantly less pain after exercise than those who didn’t. Post-exercise pain can often indicate muscle damage or debilitating injuries.


Cherry juice has been shown to be very helpful for diseases such as gout. That it can have general effects such as following muscle exertion could make it a lot easier to find cherry drinks in the supermarket. Mine does not carry cherry Vitamin Water (Sync, which just came out) or Powerade.

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