Publishing conundrum

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The Catch 22 of Academic Publishing:
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“Publish or perish”.You’ve heard the phrase, right? Well, apparently, getting published in the first place is not as easy as it seems, and the peer-review process may not as objective and unbiased as you may think. If you’re in (as in belonging to the right academic circles, and thus worthy of being published), you’re in, almost no matter what you write, but if you’re not in, finding someone willing to take you in is practically impossible, or is it?


It is much easier to get published in high quality journals if you are from the ‘right’ labs. To a certain extent, this is human nature. But it also creates the standard paradox. Just as you often get a job if you have experience in the job, you get into high quality journals because you have been published in high quality journals.

It is not to tough to get published somewhere but in order to make it into Nature or Science, it helps to have the right pedigree. I was really taken with this quote from the paper:

… more than half of all academic papers are never cited anywhere, and the majority of academics never receive as many as three citations in a lifetime.

That is an amazing factoid.

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