Cell plus RNA plus Acetate = Life?

Metabolism First and the Origin of Life:
[Via Sandwalk]

There are several competing hypotheses about the origin of life. Most people know about the Primordial Soup scenario; that’s the one where complex organic molecules are created by spontaneous chemical reactions. Over time these complex molecules, such as amino acids and nucleotides, accumulate in a warm little pond and eventually they come together to form proteins and nucleic acids.The RNA

Earlier, I talked a little bit about an RNA world. Here is some further discussion about another view. I think in the end, that it will be a combination of things. The creation of a cell with a surrounding membrane allow all sorts of chemical reactions to occur that might be difficult out in the depths of an ocean.

There is no reason that the Metabolic model works its way into an RNA world. A positive feedback between RNA catalysis /replication and the creation of starting materials by metabolism are the hallmarks of life itself.

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