There is a problem

Can the Texas BoE walk and deny evolution at the same time?:
[Via Bad Astronomy]

What does it say about your Board of Education when ad executives for a chewing gum company understand evolution better than you do?

… or a beer company, for that matter. Of course, that’s a European beer… and evidently beer was invented before the Universe itself was.

Tip o’ bacterium’s flagellum to …


What makes this so ironic is that, while it is true that the ads display an understanding of evolution that is Promethean compared to the Texas BoE, they still display some misunderstandings of the pace and character of evolution.

There is not an instantaneous change from one form to another. And many of the species used are not even that related. Also, one species does not disappear to create another.

That is, we are related to chimpanzees as cousins are related. Both species are descended from another species that was not really a chimp or a human.

But then, if the ads were to actually display the full complexity of evolution, they would be much longer than a minute. And not be a very compelling ad.

I do, therefore, salute their ingenuity.

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