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Just Keep Calling It Fact-Checking And Someday They’ll Believe You:
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Zachary Smith at Talking Points Memo, among others, notes that the Washington Post editorial page editor is still claiming that George Will’s many misrepresentations about global warming were subject to “careful fact-checking,” some two months after many people showed they were anything but–including some who explained the errors in the …


In 2001, Ken Layne famously said ” We can fact-check your ass!” In fact, people on the web just hate it when information, which is easily checked, is wrong. And when an organizations continually tries to claim that they did careful fact-checking, when it is so obviously proved that they did not.. well, let’s just say their credibility takes a big hit.

For the Washington Post editor to still claim how careful their were when the online fact-checkers have demonstrated otherwise simply displays for all their ignorance.

This is how a newspaper falls. By its inability to keep up with the world around them. It is part of the reason why I stopped buying dead-tree newspapers several years ago. They were several years behind the times, especially when it came to the ability for the readers to be a part of the conversation.

Many papers really do not relish the idea that its readers could push back hard when the editors are wrong. Many like to deal with a readership mostly through the letters section.

That is why I am glad is a different entity. They may still screw up but they appear to have more up to date sensibilities on checking facts.

UPDATE (12:30) – Apparently will be merging with the daily. I hope they do not screw that up.

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