They are over 1775 days past warranty

rocks by jfaherty17
Spirit sees phenomenal Martian vista:
[Via Bad Astronomy]

I’ve been so taken with HiRISE lately that I haven’t written much about the Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity. They’ve been traversing Mars for almost six years now, taking tons of images and great in situ data. And now I feel remiss, because Spirit has stumbled on something very cool.


The Mars rovers are still producing amazing pictures. These are some of the most unusual and important yet. If we could only visit.

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3 thoughts on “They are over 1775 days past warranty

  1. It is a very well done one also. I did start to notice that the colors seemed awfully good but figured there must have been some futzing with them. It was the ocean in the background that finally got me to make sure it had been posted on April 1.

    Wish it had been true though. I like the idea of Mars tourists.

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