Texas wrapup: Yup. Doomed.:
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So the vote was made, the standards were set, and now the dust is settling. And what do we see?

I see Texas being the laughing stock on a world stage, finally replacing the Kansas fiasco from the 1990s.

First, a brief intro: this last week, after months of discussion, the Texas …


A very nice discussion examining how the anti-science members of the BOE of Texas dealt with the new science standards. Evolution was not the only topic from the writings of the reality-based staff. that they worked against, They also disagreed on the age of the Universe and on climate change.

See, instead of having experts who know what they are talking about decide on what to teach their children, Texas has people with little or no real understanding of the facts. In fact, it has people who are not afraid to demonstrate their ignorance again and again. It is like having people who judge horses in charge of federal emergency management organizations. It is a sure-fire ticket to failure.

If people put incompetent ideologues in charge of something important, do not be surprised if the results are less than useful. All you can do is laugh.

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2 thoughts on “Laughable

  1. Unless I created my own, I would have to rely on textbooks that are written to the Texas standard (Texas is such a huge market that this is what textbook publishers do for their national market). That is what is so corrosive about this process. People with no expertise have tremendous leverage to push their ideology in contradiction of the data.

    In order for my child to graduate High School in Texas, they have to demonstrate understanding of these standards, whether the standard describes reality or whether I have taught them the facts or not.

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