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Amgen’s Bid to Make Cancer Drug “Personalized” Lacks Data, FDA Panel Says:
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Luke Timmerman wrote:

Amgen, the world’s largest biotechnology company, with operations in Seattle and Cambridge, MA, came up short in its bid to make its colorectal cancer drug personalized today in front of a panel of expert advisers to the FDA. The panel said Amgen and Eli Lilly will have to run more clinical trials to gather enough evidence that doctors should screen patients for their genetic status, to see whether they are likely to benefit from the drug or not.

The FDA panel, according to this Reuters report, said the companies need to have a well-organized plan to review their data to support this conclusion. They will also need enough patients and tissue samples to analyze genetic issues. “It’s going to make life more complicated, costly…it’s going to require larger clinical trials,” said panel member Richard Simon of the National Cancer Institute, according to the Reuters story.


It’s articles like that that display how new media approaches can be so different than MSM. Luke has a tremendous amount of experience in reporting on Biotech. He is able to demonstrate this directly to us with his great perspective on why the FDA wants more trials and how Amgen was not too surprised.

Less spin and more perspective. There are also links and such for a dedicated reader to learn a lot more. Even links to outside sites. Compare this with more MSM websites, where the links that are present go to internal pages.

The other nice approach Xconomy takes is to allow the personality of the reporter to come through. We have to learn to trust them if we are to believe the news. MSM want us to trust the institution but hardly ever do we learn which reporters to trust, even with a byline. Here, the byline is front and center (Luke Timmerman wrote), as is the personality and viewpoints of the reporter.

We can look at older articles with easy and if we have a beef or other perspectives, we can comment directly and be seen on the same page as the reporter. Thus our own contributions gain almost as much prominence as the reporter’s, who can now begin a discussion if so required. The benefits of this sort of feedback loop will be huge.

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