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The New York Times – Breaking News, World News & Multimedia:
[Via New Your Times Special Edition]

Picture 27

The End of the Experts by Thomas Friedman

This was so well done that it could easily fool someone for the first few minutes. I was sent, unaware, to one of the interior pages by Friedman. Reading it, since it sure looked real, I slowly got more and more of that ‘Wha?’ feeling. The Onion is so obviously over the top but this was twisted just enough askew without being immediately outrageous.

I then started seeing little things that really gave it away. Someone went to a lot of work for the spoof. Then setting up the website, WITH comments for people to add. And even better ads. The writing also carries the nice NYT prose, allowing both sides to have their say without showing any apparent bias.

Coming in at the front page makes it very obvious it is a spoof paper. But some of those inner pages are deadly!

UPDATE: Just to make sure everyone understands. The group responsible for this also distributed 1.2 million paper copies of their Special Edition in and around New York yesterday, with some being distributed in Chicago, Washington and LA.. This was a very expensive and sophisticated prank. It also appears that several reporters at the NYT actually participated. And, it being the INformation Age, you can download a PDF of the actual fake.

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