Public Mark Up Needed on Bailout Bills

Public Mark Up Needed on Bailout Bills:
[Via Burnt Orange Report]

Public Mark Up has the first two pieces of actual legislation floating around to fix our economic plight.

The Treasury Department (read Paulson) proposal is here.  Senator Chris Dodd, Chairman of the Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee has his proposal here.

Public Mark Up is taking comments, thoughts, and notes on each section of each proposal.  Take a look, and please post first, second, third, and fourth thoughts here (and there).

Participate in democracy. Add some comments or insights into the current Democratic bill, as well as the Administration’s. I would guess that the Congressional Republican’s plan is just to say no to whichever.

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  1. Re; Wall Streeters and CEOs: Doesn’t matter if they are Republicans, Democrats, Union Member, or whatever, if they are grads of the Harvard Business School, they should report directly to jail—with their checkbooks!

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