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A service that I might use:
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CNET reports that Khosla Ventures has led an investment round of $3 million in ZocDoc, a health 2.0 company a little off the beaten path.

ZocDoc, which currently operates only in Brooklyn and Manhattan, allows you to find an appointment with a doctor or dentist. Now that’s a service I could really use. It matches doctors to insurance and a rating system.

I don’t know how well it works since I really can’t make good use of it living in Seattle, but the company, which is about a year old, is providing the kind of simple service that could be really useful if done right.

It will be interesting how well the ratings work and other Web 2.0 aspects function but for making an appointment it does simplify things. I’m a little nervous about making a doctor’s appointment in the same way I order food online but it is a worthwhile thing to begin examining.

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