Information overload

olympics by neverecho

Well, first full day of the Olympics and I may be in real trouble. Between NBC putting the Olympics on all those channels and my DVR (which started recording events last night) I have a huge amount of sports to work my way through.

Let’s see. So far today, I watched the US women beat Japan in soccer, scanned Brazil, watched more Saber finals than I think have been presented on TV over the last 25 years, road race, lots of rowing, handball (Korea made a great comeback to tie Russia), volleyball, beach volleyball, women’s basketball, and both men’s and women’s badminton. And I still have about 6 hours more to watch today (Nigeria and Germany play soccer).

Even with fast forward, I am already hitting the wall. What is going to happen when the real events (gymnastics, swimming, track and field) get started? This Olympics is really going to be an endurance contest for someone who really likes sports.

Ohh, Swimming is just starting.

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