Microsoft trademarked windows, so…

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Can Dell Trademark “Cloud Computing”?:
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This PC World article reports that Dell has applied to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to trademark the term “Cloud Computing.” Uh, I’m no expert on trademarks but can they do that? Any why are the other big cloud computing vendors not up in arms over this? Can any one company own a name so general as “Cloud Computing?” Back in 2006 the company I work for and their business partner attempted to trademark “Web 2.0” in association with the Web 2.0 Summit conference and met with a huge backlash from the community. Will we see a similar response on Cloud Computing? According to the document on file with the US Patent and Trademark office, the status on this request is report as “Opposition period completed, a Notice of Allowance has been issued”

I never understood how MS could trademark Word or Windows until someone told me that the trademark was actually Microsoft Word, so perhaps this will be Dell Cloud Computing. Otherwise are they going to sue everyone who discusses computing in the cloud?

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  1. If you remember the lawsuit MS filed against Lindows, they quickly realized that their trademark of “Windows”, a common computing term long in use before MS filed their trademark, was not going to stand up in court. That’s why they ended up paying the company they were suing (Lindows/Linspire) $20 million to make the case go away before a court definitively ruled on the matter.

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