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I usually do not like to use anecdotal accounts but this sounds like some of the weird slippery slope things that happen when someone’s religion prevents them from doing their job. Our laws and regulations just do not fit this sort of behavior. I’m sorry but if your religious beliefs prevent you from doing your job, get another job.

As a resident, I had a patient who was a young woman with end-stage liver disease to the point of abnormal coagulation (uncorrectable INR, due to trashing her liver so badly… a 750/day of vodka will do that). In a feat that continues to amaze me to this day, this very ill woman in her early 20s still somehow managed to get pregnant. The fetus, however, was already exposed to alcohol in volumes 100s of x its weight. And a term pregnancy/delivery would have undoubtedly killed the mother.

So, shitty prognosis for both mother and fetus to continue the pregnancy (assuming they survived it all). And when it came to move the young woman to discharge her from the hospital to go to a clinic to terminate this ill-fated pregnancy. The transport person refused to move the patient. And by some odd rule of his union, no one else could, either. Except the doctors, who ultimately came and took over, after negotiations.

So, in summary, to think that they aren’t already doing this in great numbers at all levels, would simply mean it’s all being well-kept under the radar. This, too, has been going on for years.

So, this driver’s so called moral compunction prevents him from transporting a sick woman, who will not only die without the treatment but so will her fetus. And his refusal also prevents another driver from doing the job!

I wonder. If I work for a conservative reproductive rights organization, that receives federal money, and my religious beliefs are that a woman should be free to make her own choice about abortion, it seems that this organization could not fire me if I sent women over to the nearest clinic or to a pharmacy for Plan B. Right? It should work both ways.

Or how about if my religious beliefs are that I must take a nap from 1-4 every day? The hospital could not fire me for exercising my religious beliefs, correct? What about a belief that the use of disposable products hurts Mother Earth so I refuse to perform any surgery if disposable items are used? I still get to keep my job?

Does reductio ad absurdum even work anymore?

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  1. If you don’t like anecdotal accounts, why use one? What town? What hospital? What union? And, in particular, what doctor?

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