Flying death spiral

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Delta Air begs customers to use another airline:
[Via AMERICAblog: A great nation deserves the truth]

The latest news from one of the worst airlines (in a crowded market) is that they now want customers to pay double the amount they were already paying for a second bag. The $15 billion bailout of this pathetic industry only a few years ago obviously wasn’t enough because like Wall Street and get-rich-quick home buyers, they want more. It never ends with these freeloaders. I used to travel 4-5 days a week for business and now I’m easily able to limit it to a few days a month, sometimes even less. Technology has helped people like me do work remotely without the stress of airports and airlines so if Delta and other airlines can’t cut it, go bankrupt. Really, I don’t care. I’ve had it with the constant cutbacks, new charges, miserable service and cramped conditions.

Let the executives who are driving customers like me away and driving their companies into the ground try to find work after they suddenly lose their high six and seven figure jobs. See how attractive they are in the market with countless bankruptcies on their CVs. I feel bad for everyone that has to work for these companies and get slapped with pay cuts and ignorant management teams but wow, enough is enough with this industry. They crossed the tipping point of annoying customers long ago. Until and unless they can figure out how to attract customers, go away.

Having just suffered through a 6 hour flight yesterday, I can certainly sympathize with this. Cramped seats, no films, charge for bags, charge for a meal. I’m expecting that some time soon we will all get weighted and have to pay a surcharge if we weigh too much.

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One thought on “Flying death spiral

  1. Have you seen the latest? Airlines charging for soft drinks AND water. A charge of $7 for an acoholic drink. (of course, that may cut down on nasty drunks!) And a buck or so for peanuts, etc. Cattle are treated better when they are shipped to market.

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