Blogs with no links

cave art by SKI tripper

The Houston Chronicle has been adding some very
useful science blogs. There is one on Climate Science (Atmo.sphere), one devoted to Cosmology (Cosmo.sphere), and especially one devoted to evolution, Evo.Sphere.

They are well worth adding to your newsfeeds. The main problem I have with them is the lack of external links to other sites or information. There is a great discussion and graph about increased methane in the atmosphere since 2004. What about before 2004? If I want to see more of the original data, I have to go searching for it myself, since there are no useful links to anything in the essay.

Or this nice article about sialic acid residues on human proteins. How did they determine that Neanderthal bones had human sialic acid residues on them? No link to the original paper at all.

Web 2.0 tools make it easier to find information, to gain depth if we want or to buzz along and gain breadth. These essays have some very interesting viewpoints but they act as dead ends.

Instead of being great starting points, or interesting way stations along our path of information gathering, they are simply cul-de-sacs along the way. I really hope they begin to include links to the data they discuss. Because I found the writing to be first rate.

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