Powerpoint Karaoke as a Web 2.0 tool

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So you have heard of Karaoke – when you sing along to the soundtrack of pop songs. The idea behind PowerPoint Karaoke is similar. Presenters present, but to other people’s slides. But it’s a little harder than karaoke, because the slides are randomly chosen! Go here for a great writeup of how to run your own ppt karaoke.

So I used Google to find out more about Powerpoint Karaoke and found this nice link at Slideshare. This site allows people to upload slide decks so they, and others, can access them anytime. Very nice idea.

What they did here was use their API to create a randomizer that picks slide decks based on a topic and randomizes them. Thus it is now very easy to find and create slide decks for Powerpoint Karaoke.

There is also a nice link to a discussion of how to put one of these on. I so want to put together something like this. It will be fun but is also a nice exercise on being flexible and even human during a slide presentation. Plus I feel confidant that I can do a better job with this than making people listen to me sing off key.

So, by using a published API, a new use for Slideshare was created that not only enhances everyone else’s use of the site, but helps enlarge the social network on Slideshare. Nicely done.

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