Sat, 03 Jun 2006 02:08:10 GMT

A day in the life, i.e., no post today. There was some news story in a local paper yesterday about my “real” work, and this morning another local paper called to interview me about it for half a fucking hour, and tonight some photographer’s coming over to take a picture and the house is a mess and I don’t want people over, and PK has a school carnival all afternoon, and I didn’t work on my STILL TOTALLY OVERDUE article yesterday so I hate myself, and the news articles are about the real article I’m supposed to be writing and what if it doesn’t get published b/c it’s so late, or b/c it turns out crappy, and Mr. B. thought his doctor’s appointment today was at 2 instead of 1, and when he got home from grocery shopping at 1:20 and I wrote him a note to say that the doctor’s office had called (b/c at this point I was on the phone with local reporter for the SECOND TIME) he got flustered and dropped a glass bottle of juice all over the porch steps, and then i got off the phone and cleaned up the glass while he called the doctor and found out we have to pay for the missed appointment and then he was upset and slamming around the house and swearing while I put some of the grocieres away and now he has to take a cake to the carnival and he and I both volunteered to work for half an hour each and PK is ALL EXCITED about the carnival and I know it probably starts right after school, i.e., in half an hour, but I’m not showered or dressed yet and b/c of all this other REALLY PETTY crap I also haven’t done ANY WRITING today, either, yet, and I’m pretending that I don’t know the carnival starts at 3:30 but I know PK’ll be upset when Mr. B. shows up and I don’t so I have to get in the shower and dress so I’ll only be a LITTLE late and a LITTLE disappointing and then the photographer’s coming over at SEVEN and when am I going to get some fucking writing done? And it’s all my fault because I should have done it yesterday, or really, I should have done it WEEKS AGO and so anyway, that’s why I’m not posting on my blog today. SUCK IT UP. By (bitchphd). [Bitch. Ph.D.]

A scientist’s lament.