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42 percent
The Clinton campaign-the Yamato,March 1945

Hillary wants to use the DLC to … “unite the party”? lol
by kos
Tue May 30, 2006 at 10:38:58 PM PDT

I found this hilarious:

This summer, [Hillary] Clinton will participate in the rollout of a Democratic agenda, a project initiated by the centrist Democratic Leadership Council. At her urging, the project includes participation of the liberal Center for American Progress, as well as two other centrist groups, the New Democrat Network and Third Way.

When he sought the presidency, Bill Clinton used the DLC to signal a break from the old Democratic Party when the DLC officials were at war with the liberal wing. Hillary Clinton appears to have the opposite goal, which is to use the DLC as a base from which to unite the party to rebut criticism that Democrats have no common message.


Has Hillary Clinton been asleep since 2000. People, starting with John Kerry, have legitimate, ongoing beefs with Al From and the way he’s attacked Dems. There is real,ongoing antipathy between the Vichy Dems of the DLC and their legacy of failure, and the base of the party, who has provided the money and the bodies for a range of candidates.

Even New Yorkers are tiring of her pandering to the right. Allying with Rupert Murdoch is a good way to piss off a lot of liberals. There is a lot of talk about Clinton, but little real support. is it arrogance or stupidity which makes Clinton think she can be a unifying figure

and then, there’s this:

Would Americans Embrace Candidate Clinton?

A new ABC News/Washington Post Poll shows a huge gender gap among Clinton supporters, even among Democrats, with women more likely to support Clinton than men by a margin of 13 points.

The gap continues with Republicans, where three in 10 women indicated a willingness to support Clinton compared with two out of 10 Republican men.

While Clinton has proved popular with the Democratic base in places like New York City, she is much weaker with the political center, the moderates and Independents in states like Ohio and Florida that she will need to win a general election.

A daunting 42 percent of all Americans say they’d never vote for her for president

Daunting? That makes her the least popular politician in America after Dick Cheney. And because she’s so well known, there is no way to turn that around. People know her and money will not change that. The one thing which the poll said was that she was simply not trustworthy. That’s damning and I don’t know how she changes that perception. [The News Blog]

42% of America says it will never vote for her. What could she ever do to get that number lower? If she ran against McCain, would she really pick up anyone? I hope she does not run, because I have a hard time seeing that I could vote for her. Pandering is just not what I am interested in right now.