Mon, 19 Dec 2005 07:15:11 GMT

Impeach Attorney General Gonzales for Lying to Congress. Impeach Alberto Gonzales for lying to Congress. Impeach him now: Think Progress: According to President Bush’s radio address today, as White House counsel, Alberto Gonzales personally approved Bush’s program for warrantless domestic wiretaps. By circumventing the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, those wiretaps violated federal law…. During his confirmation hearings for Attorney General in January 2005, Sen. Russ Feingold asked Gonzales about this precise issue: SEN. FEINGOLD: I — Judge Gonzales, let me ask a broader question. I’m asking you whether in general the president has the constitutional authority, does he at least in theory have the authority to authorize violations… [Brad DeLong’s Semi-Daily Journal]

Nothing wrong with lying to Congress when you represent the imperial Presidency that can do nothing illegal during a time of war. See, doesn’t that make things so much easier.


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