Mon, 17 Nov 2003 02:57:40 GMT

The battle for the soul of the Democratic Party. It is no secret that the Democratic Pary has been… [Daily Kos]

Nader was wrong when he said that there was no difference between the Democrats and Republicans. We see the difference everyday. But he was right if you look at how political machines work. Although many of the reforms in the political process over the last 40 years have been to weaken the nation political machine, it still finds ways to have an influence.

The Reublican machine is easy to see. The RNC and the leaders of this administration prevent anyone from moving forward on a national level without their approval. The DLC, run by Clintonites, perform the same on the Democrats side. If any politician wants acess to the big bucks, they have had to go through these 2 groups.

Until Deam’s campaign. He may not win but he and Trippi have found a way that gets them acccess to large amounts of money in ways that scale very well. His campaign is a threat to the established Democratic leaders.

As the article says, every other campaign is in deep with the DLC. The conventional wisdom was that to become president you had to go through the DLC. I think that is why they were happy with the candidates already there. They figured last year that Bush would not be beatable, so let Leiberman run. He’ll lose but he helped before. this would leave 2008 ready for Hilary, or whomever else the DLC annoited.

But Dean came on and blitzed everyone, WITHOUT needing the DLC. He now has ig unions behind him. He is a threat to the DLC so, not surprisingly, they bring out Clark, hoping to deflate Dean.

The Democrats have always governed by a coalition. The tent is so big. FDR put tpgether a great coalition that lasted 50 years. I think it is about to shift again. I think that the DLC may have to remold itself. It may not happen this election but I think the transition will result in the ouster of many of those now running the Democratic party. I think that if the DLC continues to hold the party’s heart, without moving to the new hill, it will be left with nothing but a memoriy.