Tue, 01 Jul 2003 06:45:29 GMT

The WMD Hunt. THE WMD HUNT….Remember those nuclear plans we found a couple of days ago in the backyard of an Iraqi scientist in Baghdad? The original CNN story included this statement:CNN had this story last week but made a decision to withhold… [CalPundit]

Read the link at Talking Ponts and the CNN article. Not only does our WMD search effort look like some sort of Keystone Kops when it comes to actually finding anything in Iraq, but this story plays like Three Days of the Condor. If the press had not gotten involved, the Iraqi scientist may very well have been screwed by the CIA. It appears that only the transparency of our republic, in the guise of a free press, forced the CIA to do the right thing. I wonder if many other things got screwed up because of a lack of openess?