Mon, 30 Jun 2003 03:19:41 GMT

Rush Limbaugh: Why does Apple put politics first?. For years, Rush Limbaugh, conservative radio commentator who, whether you agree with him or not, revolutionized the radio industry and commands an audience of over 20 million daily listeners, has extolled the benefits of Apple Macintosh, but lamented Apple’s unwillingness to tap his potential to widen the Mac platform’s base.

Limbaugh writes, “The entire EIB radio staff uses Apple computers. That fact draws calls like those from Vince, a graphic artist in Calhoun, Georgia. Vince… [MacDailyNews]

One of the commenters suggested a Rush-Gore commercial. This could be great, demonstrating the humor both have, while emphasizing that political differences do not extend to using the best computer available. It would be a whole lot better to watch than Bob Dole pitching Viagra.