Sat, 28 Jun 2003 04:21:47 GMT

Starbucks: Just Getting Started. Seattle’s other big monopoly is swallowing the competition on its way to grinding out greater global dominance. [AlterNet]

I’m sorry but Starbucks is not a monopoly. The article itself says it only has 7% of the market for coffee. Starbucks energized the coffee bar and the whole idea of a good cup of coffee. Simply because a company is big does not make them bad. As far as I know, Starbucks has no more abused its market position than any other coffee company. It spends a tremendous amount of effort on its customers. Somehow we are supposed to be upset simply because there are a lot of stores, some right across the street from each other. If people did not use them, they would not be there. WHy get upset about capitalism at work? Oh, right. Capitalism is bad.This sorts of articles just about write themselves and all follow the same template. Just once I would like to read something actually surprising.