Thu, 26 Jun 2003 14:23:00 GMT

In the same press release announcing its new TV sp …. In the same press release announcing its new TV spot, PLoS announces that Representative Martin O. Sabo (D-MN) “is drafting legislation that would put publications describing research substantially funded by taxpayer dollars into the public domain.” Quoting Sabo: “This is a good idea whose time is overdue. We only progress as a society when research is available to all of our best minds at any time. Citizens should have access to publicly-funded research anytime.” I’ll report more details on this legislation as I learn them. So far, Sabo’s web site is silent on the subject. [FOS News]

This is a great idea but I have a hard time seeing it passed. The copyright holders, in this case the journals since they almost all require the authors to give up copyrights as a condition for publication, will put up a huge fight.