Fri, 27 Jun 2003 06:23:15 GMT

Are you David Nelson? ‘It seems that a glitch in US airport security is causing headaches for men named “David Nelson.” For some unknown reason (supposedly if “they” discussed the matter it would breach security) security computers give a “no fly” or “potential terrorist” warning whenever someone named David Nelson attempts to board an airliner. My favorite workaround: (David Nelson) was stopped in February while flying with his family to Florida for a cruise. The airlines solved the problem for the return trip by making a simple name change. Nelson David passed through security without a hitch.’ [] [Universal Rule]

So, if a terrorist wantes to get around the US, all he needs to do is use the name David Nelson, right? Since every airport knows that this is a database glitch, they will simply let him through. This is the problme with relying on databases so much. They get corrupted and then people juts ignore them.