Thu, 26 Jun 2003 06:39:20 GMT

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – A quick Review from PEI.

I finished the book last night (Sunday). Rowling has pulled it off and has turned in another page turner. I can hardly imagine the pressure that she must be under to keep up the standard. Only two books to go. Like much of what is popular today, the book dwells  mainly on the split between the corporate and the magic world. The Matrix and Lord of the Rings also speak to the inhuman aspect of the corporate/bureaucratic world and our longing for freedom. In this book, the split is deepened beyond merely the Muggles and the Wizards to include the invasion of Hogwarts by the Bureaucrats from the Ministry of Magic….

[Robert Paterson’s Radio Weblog]

Read Robert’s extraordinary review of Harry Potter. He comes a little closer to explaining why this book is such a phenomenon. While on some levels it is episodic, with the episodes somehow dosconnected, they do all seem to be coming together. I hope she can continue with the next 2 books. She has set up a task with more mythic requirements than we might suppose. Please have the creative spirit to reach a conclusion befitiing of the previous books.