Mon, 23 Jun 2003 15:38:26 GMT

More Companies Pay Heed To Their ‘Word Of Mouse’ Reputation. It appears that companies are finally realizing that their online reputation matters, and can have a big impact on their business. We spoke about this recently when we had an article about how movie studios are embracing online fan communities, knowing that how they perceive a movie can play a big part in its success or failure. However, this goes well beyond things like movies. How a company is perceived online makes a big difference and too many companies (and, specifically, their PR people) simply don’t realize this. It’s one of the things that we focus on for our Techdirt Corporate Intelligence clients – making sure they realize just what the impact of certain decisions will be within the online community, and how to better position themselves to gain the support of, rather than the animosity of, such a force.

Some companies will hate the fact that their own customers can have such power. They will be the one that do not succeed. Marketing online will be very different. SOme get it. Look at Apple. They mistakenly put up the specs for their new machines on their web site for a short time and create a feeding frenzy. Or was it a mistake? From a marketing aspect it does not matter. Everyone read and wrote about it. Just brilliant.