Sat, 21 Jun 2003 13:12:31 GMT

States Line Up to Woo Biotech. Wired News Jun 21 2003 4:41AM ET [Moreover – moreover…]

You know, I hate articles like this. It starts out discussing the many exhibits that a lot of states will have at the BIO meeting this week, then it moves way off topic into the controversy surrounding P4 high level containment facilities at UCD. It further decays into a ‘He said. She said’ diatribe regarding how much public discussion there had been before hand. Of course UCD says there was lots of discussion. The opponents claim there was not. Nothing very useful here at all. The article is all over the place. Particularly since it starts out talking about commercial biotech then spends most of the article discussing a facility at a public school being paid for by public money. I hate being tricked by a headline and a few opening paragraphs into reading a piece with no real point. I mean, some people like biotech no matter what. Some people hate it no matter what. Wow. Stop the presses.