Thu, 12 Jun 2003 06:18:17 GMT

Guess What? People Communicate Online. It appears that people are finally realizing what makes the internet useful. It’s not “yet another broadcast medium” or “a giant searchable catalog” as many seemed to assume for years. From the very beginning, the feature that made the internet something useful is that it allows people to communicate better. Business Week has a fairly long article looking at the rise of the “social web”, as more people realize the true benefit of the internet. Thankfully, the article stays (mostly) away from overhyped topics surrounding blogs and social software (though, they do have the obligatory article about blogs and social software that quotes all the exact same people as every such article does), but focuses on more real-use examples of how people and companies are really leveraging what the internet is good at doing.

All the killer apps of the Internet age have been social ones, programs and applications that increase the social interactions of humans. That is what is changing the world.