Fri, 06 Jun 2003 16:55:14 GMT

Ann Coulter (bizarrely) blames global warming on ‘aerosol spray’. David Appell points out the incredible lack of understanding Ann Coulter has of things environmental in her column. Looks like she did her normal amount of research on this topic. [David Harris’ Science and Literature]

I no longer even bother taking what ANY columnist says seriously because so many of them write fiction, not non-fiction. Few are actually required to do any fact checking and are generally viewed by even their own editors as entretainment, not news. Ann Coulter is a prime example, picking and choosing facts, using hot words, being purposely rude, because he job is to stir up the ant pile, not actual educate anyone. The more she can keep people stupid, the better her for her career. As a nice aside, if you search google using fact checking columnist the number one link is an artcle discussing Ann Coulter and her bizarre behavior.