Wed, 04 Jun 2003 16:08:28 GMT

Bloggers Report Alt News From G8. News from inside the protests at this year’s G8 summit in Evian-les-Bains, France, reached the world quickly by way of on-the-spot bloggers. Offering an alternative to mainstream press coverage, some sites uploaded photos from demonstrators’ Web-enabled phones. By Elisa Batista. [Wired News]

The article provided one way we can keep tabs on what authorities do. Video-enabled phones will allow pictures to be rapidly uploaded to the internet. Potentially hundreds of views of the same event will help provide a better view than just one. This is where the bottom up approach can defeat the consolidation of viewpoint that is occurring in the world. I wonder what the authorities’ response will be? Shut down cell phones? the Internet? It will be interesting?