Tue, 03 Jun 2003 17:45:20 GMT

Hollywood boogeyman spooks video-game industry. Another Electronic Entertainment Expo has passed into history, and the most surprising news came not from the floor of the Los Angeles Convention Center, but from the airport, where a half-dozen French reporters were denied access not only to the convention, but to the United States, as well. For committing… [TV Barn]

Lack of creativity and innovation is not only a disease of the old time major media, such as TV or radio. It looks like computer games are also falling into the same trap. Once large amounts of money get involved, everyone gets caustious. Let’s just stick with sequels. Just like Hollywood. Of course, the scary thing for ‘money people’ is that the audience WILL eventually leave to the next new thing. You need an adaptable culture to move quickly in these industries, one that actually relishes change. If you try to control everything, you will fail. Check out Jobs’ comments on Apple and competition. They are not trying to lead by control. They are trying to adapt and stay ahead. Jobs is confident they can remain ahead of others, and, so, are not worried about what others do.