Tue, 03 Jun 2003 17:35:08 GMT

Networks need to be up front with their audiences, too. Readers of the Los Angeles Times woke up Monday morning to three unforgivably long and repetitive stories previewing television’s 2003 “upfront” season.” The editors wisely decided it would be better for street sales if the photo of NBC Entertainment czar Jeff Zucker didn’t accompany the story on page 1 of… [TV Barn]

A wonderful essay that asks some very important questions and helps identify just why media, and particularly TV, are losing. Incrasing the size of these organizations does not increase creativity. Thus we get such wonderful uncreative ideas of repeats during sweeps, shunting and just plain confusion. These are the ideas of MBAs not artists. When your industry is based on the content created by innovators, you had better make sure they have a strong voice. If the industry is run by middle management dweebs, by fast buck charlatans, you will eventually fail. Of course, in the meantime you can use the government to try to maintain your hold on a failing business model but you had better look for work elsewhere. You will need it.