Mon, 02 Jun 2003 06:26:06 GMT

SJ Mercury: FCC’s Powell must be held to his word. Dan Gillmor. It’s not alarmist, given the plain-as-day trajectory of policies — including the FCC’s own recent actions — to suggest that the Net’s promise is in jeopardy. A few giant media and telecommunications companies could well grasp full control of the Net. [Tomalak’s Realm]

The scary thing is that the Republican side of the FCC is saying that allowing the Media Cartel to own everything is okay because diversity in viewpoint will be maintained in the Internet. Yet its own policies are moving to an era where the companies who have depended on monopolies for their whole existence (telecoms and cable) will be able to manipulate the Internet and its very diversity. When these companies exert their ability to control and bless internet communications, where will diverse viewpoints go? This is part of the continuing battle of information flow and knowledge creation. The fascist companies that want to control who gets to see what for how much will eventually fall to those who realize that, in the end, there is no control. The statists will fall to the dynamists.