Fri, 30 May 2003 16:38:58 GMT

Conservatives express concern about USA PATRIOT []

You know that the problems and challenges we are, and will be, facing cut across traditional political barriers when a liberal like me agrees with an arch- conservative. This article discusses many of the same things that I have been afraid of with respect to PATRIOT. The American Conservative was started by Pat Buchanan and a few others to counter the neo-conservative movement. Read the ‘About Us’ page. There are few politicians whose views I have more diametrically opposed than Buchanan. But on this point (and I am sure in the coming years we will see more) we agree. The new technologies, while allowing a more democratic discussion to occur, also increase the possibility of misuse. People will unite to fight this misuse, creating some awfully strange bedfellows. I truthfully believe that there will be political realignments coming in the next few years.