Tue, 20 May 2003 05:25:39 GMT

Is WiFi The Next Dot Com Bubble?. Here’s some more WiFi backlash, as some are saying that WiFi is just another dot com bubble, with plenty of people pouring money into projects with little or no business models. I have mixed opinions on these stories – but the “dot com bubble” angle, might be at least somewhat accurate. There certainly are a lot of people investing in very questionable WiFi-based business models – many of which are clearly going to fail (some of which already have). However, just like the internet, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a really huge opportunity for those who get it right and really understand where to position themselves. The trick is not just believing in WiFi for the sake of WiFi, but understanding why and how it’s really valuable, and determining how to be involved in making that aspect better, easier, cheaper or faster. There are going to be plenty of WiFi-related failures, and plenty of people will declare WiFi dead or overhyped – but users are going to keep on using it, and that’s an opportunity.

Bubbles start from opportunity. It is the hype that expands the bubble. But I do not think there are many people with enough irrational exuberance to blow this one up nearly as large as the internet bubble.