Mon, 12 Aug 2002 05:59:53 GMT

The intranet is not a coporate brochure damnit!.

Collaborative working using an intranet. Many of the magazines have perished, but Fast Company seems to keep going, though I admit I look at… [Intranet Focus Blog]

é Good pickup on how so many companies still have a narrow view of what an intranet can be.  A good intranet is an information ecosystem and not just a magazine site for the corporate communications team.

The questionnaire mentioned looks interesting too.  It is geared towards large companies and seeks to determine:

  • the potential value from developing a collaborative organization in your company.

  • the current behavioral obstacles in your organization.

  • the extent of collaborative levers currently in place in your company.

however I’m sure that many of it’s questions could be usefully tailored to fit other situations.

[Curiouser and curiouser!]

So many intranets are just updated newsletters and are often run by Communications, not the employees. Many have substantial protocols to be followed before anything can be posted. So, obviously, anything that is changing rapidly has a hard time making it to the intranet and is usually dealt with by e-mail. What a waste!