Ignorance on parade

ignorance by bobster1985
Louisiana: even more doomed:
[Via Bad Astronomy]

Last year, when creationist/exorcist Governor of Louisiana Bobby Jindahl signed the creationist-enabling academic freedom bill into law, I said “Keep fighting, people. Because I guarantee this victory for the bad guys in Louisiana will embolden them.”

Man, I hate being right all the time.

This past week, Louisiana’s Board of Elementary and …

Of course, what if one of the teachers wants to use outside materials to discuss the Flying Spaghetti Monster and its effects on biology. ‘His Noodliness was drunk when he created the world, thus explaining it flaws, like disco and the platypus. Any evidence disproving the FSM was put there in order to test the faith of Its followers. His noodly appendage is responsible for all the animals we see, even the stupid ones.’

Of course, the teacher will have to remove any explicit references to the FSM, since religion is not allowed. But then, it would be no different than what the creationists want. Unintelligent design could easily be taught.

I am sure that Louisiana’s academic freedom statutes will support any teacher who uses this, right? Because if it is only one specific set of outside teaching aids that is allowed, I think there will be some nice lawsuits awaiting.

I think that would be a fun lawsuit to watch.

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